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Welcome to the Clear22 Member Content Library of entrepreneurial skill development resources and classes. Resources can be accessed online or downloaded and completed at the member’s pace.

Scroll through our offerings, select your resource, and login to access Member Content. All of our content is free to Military artists, their spouses, and all Military ID holders.

Marketing Resources

How to Create a Marketing Strategy

Discover your target audience and how to reach them. Includes a free, downloadable workbook.

Create a Marketing Plan that works!

Document the nuts and bolts of your marketing strategy. This module and accompanying, free workbook walks you through the process of designing a marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Tool: Social Media

This module will explore using social media to drive sales, attract customers, and develop relationships with your clients, partners, and stakeholders. 

Digital Marketing Tool:  Email Marketing

Use email to drive sales and develop relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders. This module includes an Email Marketing Tool and a Content Collection Tool, both available for download.

Website Builder Guides

Guide to WordPress Sites

This downloadable pdf takes the frustration out of building a WordPress site.

Wix Website Builder

This guide will answer all of your Wix questions. Design your site with support and confidence.

Website Content

Website Content Fundamentals

Learn what content your website needs. This module includes a free Website Content Checklist and the How to Conduct a Content Audit Infographic.

Improve your website ranking with optimized content

Learn to transform your website content with Search Engine Optimization and blog like a pro. This module includes an SEO Checklist, Blogging Worksheet, and Steps to SEO infographic.

Content Management:  Scheduling Content

In this module, you will learn to avoid common content marketing mistakes and pitfalls while creating an editorial calendar that keeps you on track and organized.

Entrepreneurial Resources

Path to Professional Infographic

This infographic lays out the steps for going from hobbyist to professional.

Picture Your Product:  Take product photos like a pro.

Professional photographer James Avera shares his tips to capturing the best product photos for the web.

Clear22 Fine Art Pricing Tool

Paper artist Kendra Bennet’s tips to pricing her artwork are captured in this valuable tool.

Craft Resources

The How-To Book for Artists Who Can’t Draw

Artist, author, and illustrator Steven Moore has released his The How-To Book for Artists Who Can’t Draw for free to Clear22 members. Simply download the pdf, print it out, and start drawing.


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