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What is Clear22?

Clear22 is a community of artists. We are visual artists, musicians, writers, and crafters. But, we are also military veteran artists, military spouse artists, military dependent artists. We are active duty military personnel, National Guard members, and Reservists. Service bound us first. Then, our need to create strengthened that bond. Clear22, a Veteran artist community, provides opportunity, exposure, and support for Veteran and military dependent artists.


Plainly stated, we hope Clear22 will be one step toward ending Veteran suicide. At the height of the Veteran suicide crisis, twenty-two Veterans per day committed suicide. That average has now dropped slightly to twenty per day. Lack of community support, lack of opportunity worthy of Veterans, and lack of proper health care all contribute to this awful reality. Clear22 hopes to clear two of these obstacles—lack of support and lack of opportunity. If we clear these obstacles, perhaps we can clear the twenty-two.


Clear22 provides:

  • Opportunity for Clear22 artists to thrive. We provide professional development opportunities and resources to our Veteran artist community along with their spouses and children. These include teaching military veteran artists how to create a website, develop a social media plan, skill development from fellow Clear22 members, and other professional development opportunities. Art and craft can be more than a hobby. It can become the opportunity that military Veteran artists and their families need, opportunity worthy of their service and talent.
  • Exposure for Clear22 artists. A military veteran artist or military dependent artist creates every item sold through the Clear22 Shop, and every month, one Clear22 Artist will have the opportunity to share his or her story and feature their creations on our home page. The Artist of the Month will also receive publicity on Clear22 social media pages, driving patronage and fans to artists’ pages and the Clear22 Shop.
  • Support for Clear22 artists through our Support a Military Veteran Artist Grant Program and Clear22 Membership Portal. Our goal is to award one Clear22 Artist per quarter with a $250 grant toward an artist’s specific, requested need. These needs range from replenishing painting
  • supplies or photo software to fees for fine art workshops, studio time, or writers’ conferences. 

To donate, click here.

To apply for a Support a Military Veteran Artist Grant, click here.

If you are a military veteran artist or military dependent artist in need of a tribe, join us. We can clear these obstacles. We can stop the twenty-two.